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What are the processing methods of molybdenum boat

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What are the processing methods of molybdenum boat

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What are the processing methods of molybdenum boat

Various kinds of tungsten boats and molybdenum boats for vacuum plating can be processed according to customers'requirements. Molybdenum boat processing is generally a process of minimizing internal stress to reduce machine damage in the process of processing, thereby prolonging service life. Usually it is cleaned by ultrasonic wave and packed in vacuum. In order to ensure that the molybdenum boat is not polluted before use and ensure the quality of your coating.

The invention relates to a processing method for metal molybdenum utensils, which relates to the processing essentials of metal molybdenum and molybdenum alloy utensils such as molybdenum crucibles, molybdenum boats, etc. used in reduction and baking processes in metallurgical and chemical processes. Its characteristics lie in its processing process generally using molybdenum alloy plate with thickness of 1.5 mm (< 4 mm) to heat the die and molybdenum alloy plate together and connect the temperature of 400-1200 (?) C. The reduction rate of the hydraulic press is controlled at 5 mm/min-1 mm/min, and a deep drawing process is formed. It can effectively avoid cracking, ear-making and folding in the process of deep drawing, effectively reduce defects of molybdenum alloy utensils, improve the rate of finished products, and prolong the life of metal molybdenum utensils.

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