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Introduction of Molybdenum Boat Product Categories

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Introduction of Molybdenum Boat Product Categories

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The purity of molybdenum boat is over 99.95%. It has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. And there are many kinds of molybdenum boats.

1. Slot boat: suitable for high wettability materials

2. V-shaped trough boat: suitable for materials with less wettability

3. Elliptical Channel Boat: Material Suitable for Melting State

4. Spherical Tank Boat: Suitable for expensive materials such as gold and silver

5. Narrow Channel Boat: This design prevents evaporation materials from sticking to filament clips

6. Aluminum Steaming Boat: Aluminum oxide is coated on the surface of the boat body to help the evaporating boat resist corrosive melting materials.

Molybdenum and molybdenum alloys are widely used in manufacturing industry because of their excellent mechanical and chemical properties.

Molybdenum boat is a kind of vessel which is riveted by molybdenum sheet or stamped by punch. It is mainly used in coating technology, electronics industry, power engineering industry, such as vacuum thermal evaporation, capacitor sintering, nuclear fuel sintering and so on. Our molybdenum boat manufacturer produces different shapes of molybdenum boat products, including rectangular, square, trapezoid, semi-circular, hexagonal, ship-shaped, etc.

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